Wednesday, October 26, 2011


On this very day, 26 years ago, Marty McFly first drove the DeLorean built by his elderly bestie, Doc Brown, accidentally bringing him back to 1955. And the rest is history. And the start of a beautiful trilogy (a trilogy that no movie collection should be left without). I'm such a fanatic of the movie I can almost recite the movie by heart. When I was little, my dad would pick me up like a guitar and pretend my belly was the strings, playing Johnny B. Good. Into our household, quotes from the movie were randomly thrown into conversations. More recently, I played the video game (which was fantastic even for a game noob like me). For all things BTTF, go to Futurepedia to straighten out the confusing timelines of the movie, time travel theories and more.

by Albino Raven
by Eric Tan
by Emma Butler

by Rick Pellegrino

Ikea Manual by College Humour

by Thiago Buzzi

by Franco Spagnolo

by Hexagonall
by ZombieCorp
by Miranda Dressler
by Steve Dressler
by Glen Brogan
by Oliver Akuin
by Kali Meadows

by Jorsh Pena

by German Orozco

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