Monday, October 31, 2011


Usually, I'm a last minute sort of girl when it comes to concocting a Halloween costume. In the past, I've gone as Betty Boop, Pink from the Lady Marmalade videoclip (along with my girlfriends), a sexy pirate, Kill Bill's lethal schoolgirl assassin Gogo Yubari, and a mauled lion tamer/cigarette girl (sounds weird but it kind of worked!). All I knew was that I was tired of never finding anything original & never quite enjoying my Halloween character (besides Gogo Yubari which I had a blast making her meteor hammer out of a ball & nails). I walked in a Halloween store filled with overpriced accessories & costumes for inspiration. But what sort of inspiration could I turn to when all I could see were Sexy Referees, Sexy Nurses, Sexy Alices in Wonderland, Sexy SpongeBob Square Pants, Sexy Janitors and the list goes on. Sexy just wasn't my priority this year.

I'm a firm believer in homemade costumes. Of course, not everyone has the ability to make their own costumes and props but I do love seeing people giving it a try and seeing the surprisingly good results. This year, I started thinking of movies I deemed classics in my collection. And I didn't have to look far for inspiration: they were right here on my blog! I present to you my TWO costumes.


I was walking through my local thrift store initially searching for costume #2 when across the row of men's clothing shined a red "life preserver". Marty McFly, I shall be! All I needed was that iconic puffy jacket and the rest I'd be able to either find hanging in my closet or belonging to a male friend.

Puffy Red Jacket - thrifted, 7$
Men's Buttoned Shirt - thrifted, 3$
Boyfriend Jeans - in my closet
Suspenders - in my closet
Digital Watch - borrowed
Hoverboard - make it!
TOTAL COST - 10 whole dollars!

Probably the most crucial prop to make-or-break this costume was the infamous Hoverboard. I've had a  no-good skateboard forever lying in the dust-bunny darkness of my entrance closet. I'd always told myself I'd create an art piece on it down the line but the idea never materialized. The morning of the Halloween party, I've borrowed a stash of spraypaint cans to create my masterpiece in what I thought would be an easy task. Disaster! Numerous coats of paint were needed to get a smooth enough base which kept melting away the thin film that sealed the poor quality skateboard. Eventually I broke out my acrylic paints and painted away. I watched Back to the Future to get me in the McFly spirit. Two coffee pots and a damn good trilogy later, I finished this baby. Not bad, eh? (I also had time to do this while waiting for my layers of paint to dry) 


To finalize my look, I printed & plastified Marty's ID as well as photocopied a dozen of 'Save The Clock Tower' flyers to distribute at the party. Now that's heavy!

My original costume! What better way for a grown-up to dress up as the eternal kid? I also so happen to perfect Pee-Wee's distinguished laughter which I found to be a powerful prop (sadly, not more powerful than a red bike with a lion head.) 

Grey suit - thrifted, 15$
Men's Buttoned Shirt - in my closet
Brogues Shoes - in my closet
Red Bow Tie - Halloween store, 4$
TOTAL COST - 19 dollars!

Unfortunately every men's suit I tried was baggy on me or the wrong shade of grey (Charcoal?! I think not!) but this suit did the trick. I slicked my already dark, very long hair in a low bun, folded a napkin into my breast pocket and skipped to work this morning. I wore this for most of the day at the office and despite not many people knowing who Pee-Wee Herman actually was (sacrilegious, I know!) it was a pretty good hit! 

Now I turn the table to you, my darlings! What did you dress up as for Halloween?

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