Sunday, November 6, 2011


Not having been in the same country or province as my mother for almost the past decade has been a bummer. Our daily phone conversations and seeing her once or twice a year was better than nothing yet it had become the norm for us. Seeing her for an entire week at a time was strange for me as I was used to speaking to her solely over the phone. Sad but it still worked for us. I was thrilled when she recently decided to move closer due to a job opportunity, to a city that's only 2 hours away from me. This weekend I decided to pay her a visit and incredibly beautiful fall weather was on the menu for us.

Knowing my love for vintage & secondhand items, my mom arranged for us to go to a renown antique scrapyard in Lombardy near the little town of Perth, an hour drive away from Ottawa.

Rideau Antiques is not your typical antique store and definitely not for those who doesn't like to get down and dirty in dig up a great find. If you're a fan of DIY and restoring old items, this place is perfect. A lot of the antiques, especially those stored outside, are rusted although still in great condition. There's no need to make anything look old as, well, everything looks dated! You will find everything from big old rusted boat  chains, vintage traffic lights, antique tricycles, old metal parts to huge wooden barrels, Coca Cola coolers and furniture.

The inside is reserved for more delicate objects such as old photographs & postcards, sculptures, tins, sink knobs, milk bottles, war memorabilia, silver plates, chandeliers, old cameras, the list goes on and on and on. Despite the fact that it seems like you're walking into the home of a guest on an episode of Hoarders, everything is surprisingly organized. The inside of the home is cramped and not welcoming to clumsy people as walking space is extremely limited. Don't be surprised if you knock down an item or two.

After, we drove around Perth enjoying the wonderful weather, the vintage-looking shops and eyeing the beautiful colonial houses with a backdrop of colourful, fall trees. The town was very quaint much like the little town in Practical Magic! The graphic designer in me also really enjoyed the vintage signs.

The drive back to Ottawa was a real estate dream for both me & my mom who are very fond of rural houses surrounded by vast fields. I wish I had taken pictures but I was just so captivated and envious. Some were English-inspired homes, some looked like they were built right out of a Tim Burton movie. I would love to have a cottage out there in the farms (I'm a city girl after all!)

On my way down to Ottawa, I noticed a lot of geese migrating. It was wonderful really, seeing large flocks flying across the sky. After my little trip to Perth, we stopped by Bale Island in Ottawa where geese were eating and swimming in the river. Pretty birds but they make me sad. This is a clear indication that winter is near.

Let's all enjoy the last weeks of fall!

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