Thursday, November 10, 2011


Olsen Twins for Vogue December 2011

A little roundup of appealing links from my internet browsing.

• A collection of letterheads from reknown companies and celebrities.

• You may or may not be a great connoisseur of illustrations and their artists but one of the greatest, Drew Struzan you definitely know; you just didn't know his name until now!

5 Copyright facts bloggers should know by Montreal's own Candice Pantin covers the interesting aspects of your creative rights on the worldwide web. (Thanks, Paola!)

• Addicted to Instagram? So am I. Search Instagram let's you browse even out of your phone's reach without skipping a beat. P.S. My instagram is kittyrouge

• Ahoy! I want to have a pirate boat for a bedroom. One would not be able to extrude the adventurous rebel child hiding within them fast enough without this treasure of a bedroom.

• The misuse of quotation marks can be frustrating. Share your love (or hate) on Unnecessary Quotes. A few comments that are "guaranteed" to make you laugh. (see what I did there?)

• For all of you Comic Sans haters out there, the font speaks out and explains itself. Or should I say defends itself!


  1. Hey there. I fianlly got a chance to check out your blog and website. You're so very talented!! I love seeing people succeed at doing what they love and I salute you for that!

    On another note: I agree about Drew Struzan. Everyone has probably seen his work and no one has a clue who he is. I met an artist at the Star Wars Celebration convention last year, Matt Busch who does some zombified versions of Drew's movie posters. It's worth a look if your into that sort of thing.

  2. Thank you! That's really nice of you :) I'll be checking your stuff out too in a minute.

    Hollywood for Dead is fantastic! I love zombies (who doesn't!) Great link, thanks a lot!