Thursday, November 17, 2011


Obsidian by Charmaine Olivia
Aveline by Charmaine Olivia
Cora by Charmaine Olivia
Valeria by Charmaine Olivia
sneak peek of Hair by Charmaine Olivia
Ophelia by Charmaine Olivia
Feathers & Skulls by Charmaine Olivia
Headache by Charmaine Olivia
The Garden by Charmaine Olivia

Deer by Charmaine Olivia
Arrowssss by Charmaine Olivia

A few silhouettes from a silhouette series created by Charmaine Olivia

Portrait of Charmaine Olivia by Antonette Streeter
I've been a huge longtime fan of Charmaine Olivia's work with a couple of her prints carefully framed in my apartment. With work reminiscent of another of my favoured artists, Audrey Kawasaki, her original use of painting on wood panels and women dressed in their inked birthday suits is very much imprinted with her own unique style. Her latest series being a little darker than when she had first being recognized for her antlers & native feather headdress women. This time, her tousled-hair ladies show some skulls, bones & minimal tribal makeup in her anticipated paintings as well as the signature presence of tattoos.

Check out her website (she's got a brand new store; selling her wonderful prints)
Follow her on Instagram (she's so very candidly photogenic as you can see from the above picture)
See what inspires her on Tumblr

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