Thursday, November 3, 2011


Sandwich Day?! Oh hellz no! How have I never heard of it before?! Is there a ribbon I can get to support the cause? No life is worth living without sandwiches. Think about it: a delicious crispy BLT, a gooey, warm, lightly golden grilled cheese, the finger licking classic PB&J. Writing this has me salivating even after a bowlful of pasta (now why did I have to go and make myself pasta?),

So why is today 'Sandwich Day', you ask? It's simple really. The 'inventor' of the Sandwich, John Montagu aka Earl of Sandwich, would have celebrated his 293rd birthday today! Hip Hip Hooray for Mr. Montagu! In his honour, here's a teeny tiny roundup of interesting sandwich related links for all of your sandwich fanatics out there.

The most expensive sandwiches in the world. Between the MacDonald's and the Von Essen, which one would you pick?

• Montreal's best sandwiches. Google your town & 'best sandwiches' to find your local favourites.

• That must be one dirty scanner! Scanwiches is pretty self-explanatory: a food porn collection of scanned sandwiches. If you ever lose inspiration in creating an orgasmic sandwich, a quick look will spark culinary creativity!

• Chow presents you the top 10 grilled cheese cravings.

Now go eat a sandwich!

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