Monday, November 14, 2011


Wanderer by Audrey Kawasaki

A little roundup of appealing links from my internet browsing.

20 artist recreate their childhood drawings. One of my favourite artists, Audrey Kawasaki, remade one of her drawings and the final version was the above picture. Isn't it fabulous?!

• There's more to Québec than poutine! National Geographic gathered the top 10 foods to eat in Québec. More reasons for you to travel to this wonderful province.

• Ever wonder how and why retailers such as Ikea or Anthropologie name their furniture? Find out here for some interesting answers.

• Amazing circular art using Faber Castell pens. It reminds me of a giant stamp made from a tree trunk. Make sure to watch the video!

• This will tickle the fancy of anyone with a soft spot for Typography. The Making of the Typophile Film Festival opening titles is wonderful and makes me wish I had the patience to do stop motion animation.

• Gwen Stefani launched a kid's clothing line for Target called Harajuku Mini. The results? Affordable clothes so fashionable & kawaii I wish I were a kid again only to wear them (I want this, this & this in my size,  please!) as well as a fun video game infused promo video.

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