Thursday, December 29, 2011


My heart skips a beat whenever I come across one of his graffiti work. Many may not be familiar with his work. But around Montreal's Chabanel and Little Italy, you can't turn a corner without getting a taste of Stikki Peaches. While graffiti making has become a cultural art phenomena with the likes of Banksy and Shepard Fairey (of Obey), this pop-art inspired urban-artist created something that's very much his own; using wheatpaste paper posters in saturated illustration & collage imagery that's sure to grab anyone's attention. Here are some of the graffitis I've gathered on my many walks in search of Montreal's anonymous artist who makes us question "What If Art Ruled The World?".

I got off several bus stops ahead of my destination to snap this graffiti

UPDATE : I've been given Stikki Peaches' tumblr link! Enjoy!


  1. The second image "ROXY" (deer with boobies) is actually a print by Montreal street artist, WhatisAdam. You can check out his work at and

    1. Thank you Carlo!!! I will adjust the error immediately (I just assumed it was Stikki Peaches' work as it is the only kind of wheatpaste graffiti I'd find around my work). Although you've made me discover another street artist to admire :D thank you!

  2. Stikki Peaches Rox my sox off !! Really enjoyed the Tumblr link !! :) keep up the good good work !! _LT