Sunday, February 5, 2012


As a pre birthday celebration, my family brought me out to a restaurant called Le Salon Rouge, which I'd been lusting over for a while. I didn't know if the food would be any good but the decor definitely was the main attraction. Dimly lit quaint restaurant with scarlet walls, red leopard wallpaper as well as frames of the many faces of Lina Cavalieri, the famous muse of artist Piero Fornasetti.

Like many I've been obsessed with these art pieces. They've gone as much as to graced rugs, tea sets, tables, ashtrays, jars, cushions, candles, chairs and most famously, plates.

Lina Cavalieri, an Italian opera singer in her time, became an accidental muse to Fornasetti's motifs. Flipping through 19th century magazines, the Italian artist used a picture of hers and simply hasn't stopped using it since. Fornasetti has made over 11,000 items with 500 variations, making her face one of the most iconic.

Check out Palazzetti for the full collection.

For those of you can afford it, you can find a variety of things made by Fornasetti at FarFetch, L'Eclaireur, Selfridges and Barney's.

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