Friday, February 17, 2012


Madonna by Herb Ritts

Round up of this week's favourite links.

• Be someone's cheerleader.

• A photographic series of beautiful love stories from elderly New York couples. Kind of reminds me of "When Harry Met Sally".

• Bittersweet, this may be The Saddest Valentine's Day photo. Beware, it may make you cry, even if you're a man.

• The faces behind the lens : Photographers' pose with their most iconic images.

• Famous movie and TV dance scenes illustrated.

• 20 Odd Vending Machines found around the world.

29 Meme-Inspired Movie Posters Go through the slideshow and in case you're left puzzled, there's nothing like the good ol' Youtube to refresh your memory.

• I'm kind of torn about Liv Tyler's singing abilities but you can't deny that the girl looks totally fabulous! I'm really liking the black & white imagery and the lighting along mirror reflections.

• Bad ass street art created with brown packing tape.

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