Monday, April 30, 2012


'Feeling' by Arkiniano

Round up of this week's favourite links.

Pop culture locations turned into illustrations. But where's Central Perk?

• I love engagement photography! I've come across some really cute & fun ones: montages in the grass, a child-like fun day, outing at a fair. Can't wait till I have my own pictures!

• Has a client not paid for your hard work? Add it up to The World's Longest Invoice.

• Expat Explorer released a list of The World's Friendliest Countries. I can testify that #1 is in fact so very true, having spent six of the best years of my life there.

Top 10 Coolest Subway Systems : of course, Montréal had to be in there, but I'm in awe with the rest of them.

• Honey Pie: the making of Real Dolls. From an artistic point of view, this was fascinating to watch and how much detail goes into the creation of sex dolls. Worth mentioning that this is not safe for work.

• Ode to the amateur logo. This had me laughing and unfortunately I've seen this happen more often than it should. There's a reason why graphic designers went to school.

• Why I Tearfully Deleted My Pinterest Inspiration Boards. Albeit addictive, would you delete your Pinterest account?

• "How To Be Alone" by Tanya Davis is a great little poem on how to handle spending time with yourself. With the help of whimsical illustration, this video makes you realize that time alone isn't so bad and can be a wonderful thing.

• Baking porn at its best. The making of my kryptonite a.k.a. macarons.

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