Monday, July 16, 2012


Dita by Olivia de Berardinis

Round up of this week's favourite links.

• What kind of creative are you? Let Veer show you. (P.S. I'm the Hot Shot)

• The meaning behind the ridges of a classic disposable red Solo cups.

• A behind-the-scene of the making of a beautiful 4 story high Mucha-inspired mural in my soon-to-be neighbourhood. One of my friends lived in that very building.

• It can be surprising the sort of things one can do with vodka, pencil erasers, toothpicks, coffee filters, etc. MSN Lifestyle lists 5 handy things you can do with, heck, anything you can find inside your very home.

• I really want to try this! Mostly available in Canada & the States, Urban Quest is a sort of scavenger hunt allowing you to discover your own (or visiting!) city, ending your quest at a fabulous restaurant. First date material? I think so!

• Little jewel of a tool when moving or decorating, Urban Barn's The Make Room has you create plans based on your housing's living space measurements, placing your furniture interactively to give you a rough idea before doing the heavy lifting.

• You don't have to be a graphic designer to make nifty quote images. Use Recite This to make your inspirational quotations look purdy.

Naked Password has a pixelated Sally or David strip to their birthday suit if your password is difficult enough to crack.

• It's no surprise that I love a good adrenaline rush. This looks like a helluva good time!

• Make it count. One word: amazing!

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