Tuesday, August 28, 2012


And I'm back to civilization! One excruciating month later, my internet finally was installed. One of the first few things I automatically did after the installation guy left my apartment was download some of the new episodes from my favourite podcasts.

While at work, I enjoy listening to podcasts with heavy duty headphones. Funny enough, it helps me keep focused. Amongst my favourites is WTF with Marc Maron and honestly, what better way than to laugh away the office hours? My brother introduced me to his show after experimenting withdrawals after finishing raiding Ricky Gervais' podcast (while I love Maron, why oh why isn't the trio of Gervais, Merchant & Pilkington getting back together for more pods?). I'm no stranger to laughing out loud to comedy podcasts. So much so that my coworkers posted a sign on my chair that reads "I'm crazy! (I laugh by myself for no reason)".

To show my appreciation for Mr. Maron's podcast, last night I created a wee little illustration of him at the cat ranch. If this whole post has a giant question mark floating above your head, I suggest you hop to his website (or iTunes). Enjoy!

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