Saturday, September 29, 2012


One month until Halloween! Hope you're all brainstorming for fantastic, award-winning costume ideas. 'Tis the time to get creative!

A client of mine recently asked me to create a couple of simple Halloween illustrations, the evil pumpkin above being one of them. I've had to cheat quite a bit and inspire myself from actual pumpkin carvings to recreate this piece as time was very limited. But all in all, he was very pleased with it.

I'm very much a last minute gal when it comes to coming up with a costume, I'm hoping this year will be a little different and an idea will strike my fancy nice & early. To add more all-in-good-fun pressure, this is the first year I will be celebrating Halloween at the office where I work and I hear this is a place of work where it is wildly celebrated (a first in my career!). My fellow graphic designers and I have started brainstorming ideas for group costumes and we're pretty damn excited! Hopefully, I will be able to document a bit on that in a future post.

On this note: Chop, chop! Get creative, people! I want to hear what you have in store for this Halloween!

P.S. This video below has been around since last Halloween, but this classic Jimmy Kimmel prank is too awesome not to repost. Still has me laughing to tears (I simply adore the brothers at the end).


  1. I am going to disguise myself as a zombified Catwoman (from the new Batman movie)