Tuesday, October 9, 2012


by Alexander Iaccarino

I have to admit I didn't follow Breaking Bad from the very beginning and am a late follower of the ever-growing fan base. However I was able to catch up just in time for the recent season finale. Was it hard to catch up to? Absolutely not! It took me less than a month to do so and kept me motivated while doing some lousy box-packing sessions for my move. I got incredibly addicted to it, much like a junkie to meth (how fitting!)! Unlike any other show, it opts for one slow burn of story versus an explosion that's great one day and fizzles the next. I deem this to be possibly one of the very best shows out there.

The rise in fame of the show also meant gorgeous fan art being created. Gallery 1988 recently had a very well received and successful exhibition and the artworks below are just a few of my many favorites from my online digging.

Did you know? That each character and their values are represented by the colours they wear? According to IMDB, Skyler is usually dressed in blues while Marie is mostly portrayed as wearing purple (as well as her home decor). Jane, Jesse's heroin addict girlfriend, donned black for most of her screen time whereas Jesse tends to stick to a palette of yellows & reds. Hank wears clothes in tones of orange to represent his police status. And our man of the hour, Walter White can be seen wearing mostly dull earthy tones such as browns & greens. Even his car's paint job was made in a one-of-a-kind non-factory colour to embody Walter's blandness. 

"The Cooks" by Mike Mitchell
"Here Lies Heisenberg" by Glen Brogan
"Walter White" by Dustin Parker
"American Gothic" by Brian De Young

"Knock, Knock" by Scott Derby

"Gus" by Anthony Petrie
"All Hail The King" by Bee Johnson

"Emilio's Disposal" by Dave Perillo
"I Spy Heisenberg" by Nicole Guice

"Lily of the Valley" by Phantom City Creative
"Ding!" by Tom Whalen

"I'm the One Who Knocks" (left) and "Bitch!" (right) by Wilfredo Torres & Tom Feister

"The Dance of Mister Heisenberg and Santa Muerte" by Matt Taylor
by Chris Visions

"Kiss The Cook" by Steotch


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    1. That's amazing :) Thanks for sharing!