Friday, May 10, 2013


Double feature Feel Good Friday! It's already such a wonderful friday morning I figured I'd spoil you with two videos to start your weekend off on the right foot! If the heat is on and the sun is shining wherever you are, this song below will make you want to sit on a nice terrace with some pals while drinking a pitcher of perfectly cool sangria to celebrate the weekend's coming. Bonus points if you can get a conga line started.


I dare you not to have this song (sung by Tangerine Kitty) embedded in your head for the next couple of days! Cute whimsical characters warning you about train safety (and other things such as eating glue and using your private parts as piranha bait)? These are lessons you'll never forget. If you're as obsessed about this video as I am, there's an iPhone app game you can download where you can save them from their unfortunate fates, should you act quickly enough.

Happy Friday everyone!

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