Thursday, January 30, 2014


Photography by Camilla Akrans

Round up of this week's favourite links.

• An illustrator lets her 4 year old daughter draw from her scrap sketches which results in beautiful quirky art.

• Attention Montreal or New York freelancers working from home! Are you looking for space to work & inspire yourself elsewhere than your home? Be in a tranquil space other than a library? Or have a space to have business meetings or impress clients? Breather is the answer! You can rent from a variety of available rooms with amenities such as desks, couch & WiFi and pay only for the hours you use it.

• When your pencil is just too short to use, you throw it away. Sprout allows you to plant your left-over pencil to grow basil, mint, cilantro or a variety of different herbs and vegetables.

• I'm a productive night owl but always regret it in the morning. Elle magazine covers some of the consequences of not getting enough sleep.

• While I'm at it, I'm also pretty lousy at sitting straight. Here's the health hazards attributed to slouching at your desk and the solution to sitting straight. Check out the cute little video of office exercises.

• We don't always know how long to keep certain food in the fridge or how you should organize your fridge. Here's a well-designed, awesome, little cheat sheet for your kitchen.

• Admit it, you still love coloring books! No? Well you'll love coloring in some of your favorite 90's pop girl bands and singers such as Destiny's Child, Alanis Morissette and the Spice Girls!

Not for the faint of heart : This is nuts! I get a flutter of adrenaline rush just by watching this. Check out Mustang Wanted's website for some impressive pictures.

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