Saturday, February 8, 2014


Photo by Paolo Roversi; Vogue Italia February 2011

Round up of this week's favourite links.

• The sexiest, sassiest and fiercest alphabet out there? The Beyoncé, of course!

• Are you a graphic designer with dreams of winning a Grammy, despite not being able to carry a tune? Few people know that Grammy Awards are handed for Best Recording Package. Click on the link to see past winners.

• The Toughest Scene I Wrote : Vulture asks directors to elaborate on writing the most challenging part of the script for their most recent movie.

• Ever pick your clothes for the day only to walk out of the house and find that your outfit is not exactly weather appropriate? More often then not, it's too late to run back and change. That's where Wevther comes in! An app that suggests outfits depending on the weather forecast in your area up to 3 days ahead.

• Millionaire leaves his bank receipt with a piece of advice.

• I love Olivia Wilde! She's beautiful, funny, über smart and has a way with words (clearly, journalism runs in her family). Here's her advices on turning 30 as well as an open letter from the future.

• Fresh new spin on a message in a bottle using a USB key.

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