Wednesday, February 12, 2014


illustration by Kitty Rouge

Back in September, a friend of mine sent me an email with a link to a song she stumbled across and in result became completely obsessed with. I gave it a 30 second listen and thought "Yeah they're pretty good." But being referred to music has always been tricky with me. I have to connect certain songs to a moment, a feeling, a visual and I'm usually quick to dismiss it when referred to a piece of music.

A couple of days later, she emails me in total delight, saying the band was in town a couple of weeks away to play a show in Montreal. I always said I don't go to nearly enough concerts as I should. It was the perfect opportunity to discover a new band. Fast forward to a couple of weeks later, we go to the small venue that is Le Divan Orange with no more than 20 people attending. And that's including the bartenders! 
But this was hands down the very best damn live show I'd ever been to. I've been in love with X Ambassadors ever since. They sounded unbelievably amazing live. The heavy percussions are still thumping deep within my chest and their energy on stage was undeniable (especially keyboardist Calvin Harris who was on fire that night!) . The band was über friendly, inviting anyone to come and chat with them after the show while signing CDs, which naturally I did go for a bit of a chat and a CD purchase. The whole show felt very intimate; I can't begin to say how grateful I was to have attended.

Their underrated EP album Love Songs Drug Songs has been playing on my iPod repeatedly (and I believe may still be on repeat in my friend's car). With their alternative indie rock sound that if I had to associate it with another band are somewhat reminiscent of Imagine Dragons (as it is, they were discovered by Imagine Dragons' frontman Dan Reynolds) mixed in with singer Sam Harris' soulful R&B voice which makes their sound completely unique. 
They've recently released their new anticipated EP album The Reason which is just as bloody brilliant as their previous one. Quickly on the rise, they've collaborated with Jamie N Commons (I had discovered him through the Walking Dead soundtrack) and Eminem for his newest album. 

They're heading for Montreal on April 19th at Le Petit Campus. Needless to say, I was very quick to buy a ticket (noon sharp!) and am excitably waiting to hear them live again. You won't be disappointed! Show them some much deserved love by clicking here for their tour dates closest to your town!


Went to their April 19th show and, as expected, they were nothing short than amazing. Got to quickly catch up with them after the show and guess what they had saved on their phones?

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