Monday, June 2, 2014

DISCOVERY IN THE CITY : Paintball, Spring Day & Rock-climbing

From art galleries to art in the streets, games played from the couch to the outdoors, we had us a wonderful week in Montréal with perfect summer weather. I've had quite an active weekend of paint-balling, hiking and rock-climbing. Couldn't have enjoyed it any more than I did.


/// Attended the "A Day in May" exhibition co-hosted by my beautiful friend, Maha Al Sahhaf. Lots of great art by a variety of local artists, echoing the season of spring.

(top) flowers & wine at the gallery // (bottom) 3 canvas art by Maha Al Sahaf
(top) admiring the gallery // (middle) feather art by Louise Greenfield // (bottom) canvas by Simon Côté - Desjardins
(top left) art by Maha Al Sahaf // (top right) admiring artwork // (bottom) art on wood by Simon Côté - Desjardins 
(top 3) Art by illustrator Claudia Tremblay
(top) art by Susan Pepler // (bottom) art by Claudia Tremblay

/// Spotted : 2D outdoor labyrinth installation called Hedge on the corner of Sainte Catherine & Wolfe street. Designed by Architecturama.

/// Back in February, Pat offered to cross off something from my bucket list by taking me rock-climbing. We've been obsessed every since. We've been going to Allez Up situated near Griffintown. Pat's brother is quite a pro and taught our first climb. We also got fantastic service from the climbing team of Allez Up.  We're addicted. So much so that we got our passes to be independent climbers. Highly recommend this place if you're looking for a challenging activity.

So what's coming up next? Who knows! But that's the beauty of Montréal. You never know what's just around the corner.

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