Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Dasha Zharova for Rankin
Round up of this week's favourite links.

Tough as Porcelain - Jessica Harrison gives dainty little porcelain sculptures a new spin with Sailor Jerry style tattoos.

• Draw, Don't Snap  Whether you can't draw a straight line or are deemed to be the next Van Gogh, why you should draw instead of take a picture.

My Wife Wants To Move To Mars - A husband tells his side of the story as his wife prepares for a potential one-way mission to Mars. Did you even know there was such a mission? Find out more on the Mars One website.

Help! The Internet is Killing My Vibe! - Tired of being unproductive when surrounded by all the distraction of Facebooking, Pinteresting and Buzzfeeding? MacFreedom is what you need.

Famous Names, Lost Interviews - Unearthed interviews of artists & celebrities such as Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger and Tupac Shakur, are brought to life with the sketchbook-like animation of Blank on Blank.

Like Tomorrow Doesn't Exist - I've been obsessed with Sia's latest song Chandelier (a song that was initially destined for Rihanna). What impresses me even more than Sia's amazing vocals? The tiny dancer that is Maddie Ziegler featuring in the song's videoclip. I've watched this a gazillion and it never fails to move me. Raw, soulful, simply fantastic choreography!

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