Saturday, August 9, 2014


Paradox of Choice by Michael Marsicano

Round up of this week's favourite links.

I'm Just Drawn That Way - Nancy Zhang illustrates her outfits of the day and boy, do they look pretty!

• Working 9 to 5 - Don't worry if you're not into extending your work hours way passed your bedtime. It's okay!

• Playing Arts - What better way to showcase artists by each creating a unique card for a deck of cards.

• So Fresh & So Clean - Spring and Fall cleaning doesn't only apply to your home. It should also apply to your computer. Here's a list of how to clean up and revive your Mac.

• Background Noise - Great little podcast of street artists discussing the music they listen to while working or for inspiration.

• The Tools Artists Use - Interviews with artists and illustrators about what medium & methods they apply to create their work.

• Hannibalistic Food - Janice Poon designs the food presentation on the show Hannibal. She fills her blogs with How-To's and preliminary sketches, giving a wonderful little insight on her process.

• Color Me Calm - Could colouring books be an answer to de-stressing?

• Tongue Tied - Like most people, I'm deeply annoyed with Miley Cyrus. But these little black & white bondage-collage videos with flashes of body ink, latex underwear & black electrical tape by Quentin Jones are pretty damn awesome. Needless to say, NSFW.

Imagining Ghosts - Jim Carrey delivered a powerful message to the Maharishi University graduation class of 2014 about asking the universe, life, faith, love & fear. Here is a small compilation of some of his motivational quotes.


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