Friday, December 19, 2014


"Failure" by Anne Marie Jones

Round up of this week's favourite links.

• A Day at the Beach - This artist decided to bring the beach to his office.

• Trailer Music - I love me a good trailer. There's times a trailer will wow me so much I end up loving that experience more than the actual movie (ahem, Cloud Atlas) and music usually plays a big part of that. Mark Blankenship of rates the usage of music in trailers and how it affects the trailer's perception.

• Get Crafty! - Belgium-based Ink Studio creates imagery made up of impressive construction paper sculptures.

Pretty Hurts - 57 New York women were asked to draw their own boobs.

Stories About Strangers - Just like HONY, but instead of asking strangers about their story, We Never Met makes up a little story about them.

• Quotes on Shit - Little quotes written on discarded objects.

The Grand Amour Hotel - Make My Lemonade DIYed this wonderful Grand Budapest inspired sweater. If only I knew how to sew!

• Dames & Lemon Groves - I stumbled across this beautiful 2007 Annie Leibowitz's photoshoot for Vanity Fair called Killers Kill, Dead Men Die. The story along with celebrity-filled photos contains everything I love about film noir flair.

Kala Gold - My gorgeous friend Hera from Chicago started posting make-up tutorials on Youtube and she's proven herself to be a make-up artist wizard! She makes it look so easy with her step-by-step process and I cannot wait to try & apply her tips into my almost non-existing make-up routine.


• Lost Love - I've recently watched a documentary about Marina Abramovic (dubbed the 'Grandmother of Performance Art) called The Artist is Present. This video below is an extract from her performance at the Museum of Modern Art back in 2010. She would sit across strangers, one at a time, and quietly they would stare in each other's eyes. Unbeknown of his attendance Ulay, a former lover of Abramovic's, sat across from her. This is her reaction to seeing him.

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