Thursday, January 8, 2015


I have to admit, the STM metro station I habitually go by has such amazing musicians playing. There's the grungy solo rock & roller. A banjo & double bass duo with a little southern twang. An R&B singer armed with an electric guitar and a beautiful afro. A marching band-like quartet that plays instrumental versions of rock songs. I always anticipate hearing what's going to be playing next as I walk by. 

Yesterday, I quickly passed by a ukulele strumming dude. I'd heard him play the trumpet before which was quite good. I liked the little simple set-up he had : a vintage suitcase with instruments laid out on top of it. It stuck in my head and had to draw it. 

I saw him for 5-10 seconds and wildly re-imagined what he looked like behind his set-up. He had more instruments piled onto his suitcase but I seriously couldn't remember anything besides the trumpet (I remember there being more as he made me think of a one-man band). I recall that he wore a beanie and strummed at ukulele. And that's it!

So I sketch him out really quickly and coloured him in this evening.

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