Saturday, March 14, 2015


For my second assignment with Never Ending Radical Dude was to create an illustration for the movie review of Chappie, the new Neill Blomkamp film. I have yet to see (although I desperately wanted a sneak a peek at it before creating the illustration) As a relatively new fan of the band Die Antwoord, I can't wait to hear the full soundtrack and couldn't wait to sketch them and had my imagination running super wild with possibilities.

This isn't what I had initially planned for my Chappie illustration. In fact, I had something quite elaborate in the making. But a new life project has blown me off track (shrinking my schedule overnight) and I simply couldn't achieve my first idea within the deadline. So I went in an entirely different direction that would allow me to create it within less than 24 hours. Not quite what I had envisioned (with Die Antwoord as part of my subject, I was sad that I wasn't able to go as overboard as I'd liked). But it allowed me to go back to simple sketching, which is something I always love to do.

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